Violence is GOOD for videogames (update)

crysis action game ps3 playstation xbox pc wii desktop wallpaper hd 640x400 Violence is GOOD for videogames  (update)
What? you may ask, how can you say such an horrible thing in the wake of violent video game legislation and “actual” studies underway trying to link fake completely make believe non existent violence to terrible events? What sort of an evil spawn would say such a thing?

Well that’s precisely the reason why I think is in order to explain from an objective perspective what is actual violence in video games, what is it used for, and why the game industry would simply succumb (or just stink terribly as an art form) if it were legalized off it. Besides there are actual studies that prove there is no direct relation from fantasy violence to real violence, at least no more than you would get from reading a fantasy novel. But I digress that is not the point of this article.

First of all, there are 3 major points I would like to convey so we are on the same channel

1.- Violence in games is not real,

Seriously, Im pretty sure mr. Biden and a very good percenteage of players and non-players have been shocked more than once by the brutality of some modern game scenes, but that only means the developers are doing a good job. More on that later.

2.-Games are not for kids,

You may think that is granted, but sadly no, most adults specially those in my generation, still associate videogames as “toys”.

3.-Violence in video games is GOOD.

Yes, you read that right, after establishing those 2 points we can finally put to bed the myth that violence in video games is the scourge of humanity, far from it. Is a new and incredible art form. And we are merely seeing the birth of it.

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