WarZ might be a scam after all

warz 640x360 WarZ might be a scam after all

The DayZ insipired clone WarZ might actually be called a scam after all. Apparently the company is already working on a new money grabber game called War Inc 2.0 which is going to be announced around E3,

According to this venturebeat article

“Los Angeles-based Hammerpoint will announce its next game in early 2013 and will release it in the third quarter of 2013.”

Problem? since the company is so small they are going to be taking a lot of resources from the WarZ to do so. The information on this move was released in an interview with Sergey at the end of last year. Recently more information and the title popped up in the War Inc forums. The post was later deleted.

1RV9Y 640x302 WarZ might be a scam after all

WarZ as it is, is clearly unfinished, a “foundation release” as Sergey Titov executive producer of the game mentioned, if the rumors are true, most of the promised features like vehicles, quests, skills and new areas are simply not going to happen. Or they are going to be under delivered, like the promise of “rental servers” which turned out to be nothing more than a password system to allow certain users private access to already created servers and running on prices of up to $150 per year. (yes $150 a year for a password)

Is not the first time the studio pulls such tricks, in 2012 their first game War Inc, never got most of the features that were promised to players, vehicles, voice comunication, etc. Instead the game last update occured in august 2012 the time in which WarZ got their full attention. To add mockery to injury, that patch was nothing else than a new feature to allow more paying options for the free to play freemium content. (for a game they already knew was going to be abandoned)


warz2012111420554136 640x400 WarZ might be a scam after all


WarZ still has content marked as “Alpha”

Although back then everybody justified the abandonment of War Inc due to the game lackluster profits, that is not the case with WarZ that climbed all the way to the best seller of Steam (before it got kicked out of the system) and is still played by over 100,000 players per month world wide. The game was clearly soaring high and if finished (properly) could have become one of the top mmo of the year.

Instead it seems more like a modus operandi of releasing games that are sought eagerly by the PC audience, selling them incomplete with the promise of future delivery and then abandoning the project altogether as soon as the hype begins to dwindle.

Worst of all is that this only adds to the top of a large set of questionable business practices by the company, that go from releasing easily identifiable fake screenshots and “planned features” information as real, selling permanently looseable items at premium price, lack of industry standard antihacking measures (apparently to lower development price) to the really weird practice of not having credits or employee information in sight, apparently nobody knows who is really behind the studio, besides of some coders that have appeared online or on forums using their knicknames, the only name we have at hand is their CEO. A practice that looks shady at best.

If such information is true and WarZ is going to be abandoned at the middle of the year, Hammerpoint might find themselves at the end of a lawsuit for false advertisement and fraud. Although it is going to difficult to process, since the company has protected themselves with EULA documents that change and get signed by clients at every update of the game client. 

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