Nintendo Wii-U is dead

wiiu dies in the swamxdu1e Nintendo Wii U is dead

Wii-U the final outcome

Nintendo Wii-U is, well … pretty much dead in the water  the latest NPD has revealed its latest numbers and they are just bad, dreamcast, vita, ngage, gamecube bad

160k sales world wide from april to june.

  • 90k from Japan
  • 60k from North America
  • 10k from Other countries (latin america, europe)

Those are worse sales than gamecube and dreamcast, which places the Wii-U officially as a comercial failure.

Before these numbers came up ASDA (large UK retailer that runs Walmart in US) revealed that they are not going to restock Wii-U for the rest of the year.

To put the nail in the proverbial coffin, Nintendo just announced they are holding the release of Mario Kart to 2014 (probably Nintendos biggest system seller non Wii-Fit withstanding) 

Could Nintendo be preparing to pull the plug in the Wii-U ?  90% of third party developers have abandoned the console. And is also worth noting that Nintendo biggest upcoming games namely Mario Kart, and Smash bros already have 3DS equivalents (3DS is doing great btw)  could this be Nintendo’s way of having a backup just in case?

If that is the case, so long Wii-U and thanks for all the memories… or at least 2 memories and a whole lot of wasted potential.

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Nintendo’s new plan

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