The problem with Halo 5 (Spoilers)

What is wrong with Halo 5 campaign?

I wasn’t able to put my finger in it, the writing is good, the history is actually good (despite the unsatisfying cliffhanger at the end) the graphics are neat, the 4 player co-op is awesome. And despite what some people might think, Locke was a great character to play as, he is powerful, interesting and has a mysterious dark past to deal with, So what’s wrong with the campaign?

Halo 5 main 640x360 The problem with Halo 5 (Spoilers)

Easy the campaign is not exciting No character is ever in danger so that’s why there’s no excitement at (almost) no point in it.

Let me explain: I was checking out this video on “Whats the problem with action movies today” and I realized this is exactly the problem with the Halo 5 campaign. At no point our characters reach a point where they over cumbered by the odds. They are always on top of things and as a matter of fact they are not even in real danger at all.

Locke is obviously not in danger from the covenant or the prometheans just look at the intro where they pretty much obliterate them effortlessly, and of course he is no danger from the chief (because we all know he is not a bad guy), The chief is not in danger of the covenant or the prometheans (he has beat them 4 times already , solo) , until the warden shows up he is tough but at the end he is just pushover that just wont stay down, also he is not in danger of Locke either, because he is not even trying to kill him (yeah we kind of figured that out mid campaign) so right until the very end of the game no one is ever in real danger.

We are only curious of whats the deal with cortana and once we know that bit: the game is over. (this should have been the middle game twist and instead is the end)

The only (sort of) exciting parts are when the Locke team tries to save the miners (until we realize we can’t really save them anyway) when the guardians show up (but they pretty much do nothing) When they destroy the mining city (which no one cares because is a mine town in the middle of nowhere) the revolution in Sangheli (and seriously no one cares, there’s no build up to it at all) the mission where they climb down the guardian (that was cool) and that final mission against the final villain, which doesn’t even end in a boss fight. Other than that. The campaign is not boring by any means, but is just not exciting either.

Also all the locales in the game are totally alien, we don’t feel connected to any of them, Bungie found out (by Halo 2) that adding a common place like earth or at least some human like cities (like in reach ) made gameplay more exciting. we are humans after all we care and feel connected to them.

I hope 343 addresses these problems by Halo 6 (or whatever the next game is) I think they have set a great canvas in this campaign, and now is time to deliver.

What do you guys think?

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