No, Virginia. The Nintendo NX is probably not going to be a powerhouse console and here is why:

First of all, let me explain some house rules just so we can start this conversation amicably ok?

1.- Just like everyone else, I WANT the NX to be as powerful as the neo or the scorpio or at least as the PS4. But unfortunately just wanting something doesn’t always mean you will get it. Specially if is not up to you. (And trust me is not)

2.- I think it’s a safe, healthy approach to think of the NX as an underpowered console, and then be surprised if it turns out to be more powerful than expected, at least much better than the opposite which can lead to disappointment and heartbreak.

3.- This is not “doom and gloom” Nintendo is not going to perish if the NX is underpowered, no one is jumping off a building, and Kimishima is not going to use a stash of Valyrian fire on their fans at the NX revelation in any way, shape or form, even if its less powerful than a Wii-u or a Snes is still going to have some new gimmick and a strong lineup that (I assume) will be enough to get peoples attention. And even if that fails (astronomically!), Nintendo is not going to go anywhere in a long, long time. Life will go on.

And now on to the evidence:

– Nintendo saying “Specs dont matter” as the first official statement about NX specs

Yes I know, I know, please refrain yourself from commenting on this as “circumstancial evidence”, “it means nothing”, “She means nothing to me” or something around those lines. The thing is, this was IT this was Reggies big chance to put rumors to rest by saying something (ANYTHING) good about the NX specs specially if they are holding the equivalent of a 10 megaton bomb under the veil. _And HE DIDN’T_. No matter what you say or think, this is the equivalent of asking your S/O: “Wait, are you dating someone else?” and she/he answers anything else than “no”. No matter if its the smartest answer in the world, if thats not the straight answer, you are going to be doubtful from that moment on.

– Second evidence: The lineup

Lets think about this for a second what games do we know are coming to NX, is not hard: Zelda, Smash Bros, Just Dance 2017 …hmm Dragon quest 11 (maybe) and thats pretty much it. Now, does any of those games require a PS4? (and no Pachter you dummy, you just played Zelda perfectly for an hour in a WII-U) quick and dirty answer: No.

“but, but, but! Dragon quest 11 requires unreal engine 4 to work! so it must be PS4 like”, good point there, what you missed and that has been rumored for a long time now, is that the NX is probably going to be x86 compatible cpu, so it wouldnt be hard for Nintendo’s engineer to take the unreal engine and make it work in that platform (and yes they have the source code). So from the line up, theres no evidence the NX is going to need powerful hardware all those games can run in Wii-U like specs (or even less).

– Third evidence: mentions of  “Casual and cheap”

Ok, here is where everything goes down the drain, how much does a PS4 cost? would you consider a PS4 cheap? affordable to anyone? when Nintendo or anyone close to Nintendo even mentions “broad casual market” you should start going:

– “Nintendo are you thinking about that b%tch casual gaming again? SHE LEFT you, she took everything and the kids and ran away with mobile, she’s gone!”

Nintendo: “I know, but the broader market and..”

– “No buts! she is not good for you, you are paying child support making games for her now, for crying out loud!”.

Nintendo: “I guess you are right..”

<Nintendo looks away to the window, and his eyes go watery in remembrance of what could’ve been, suddenly he sees a silver lining out of nowhere and a smile comes to his face>

Yes, Nintendo is thinking about dating that tramp “casual gaming” again and she wants everything cheap and easy. And PS4 like tech is probably not on that list, yet.

To be specific (and less methaphoric) Nintendo wants the NX to be cheap (further evidence coming up next) and we all know what that means, PS4 like technology even Xbox one like technology, is still not really “cheap” if they are aiming at creating a $250-$300 console they are probably going to have to lower the bar even a little more. Why? because they think their new gimmick (whatever it is) is going to be such a head turner they don’t need to have “specs” to pull it off. (and maybe, just maybe, they are right)

And no, you can not take into account , the newer AMD and Nvidia cards which are powerful and cheap, because those things were not even out when the NX was designed, so they could not have considered them. (also have you seen the size of those things?)

– 4th Evidence: Straight from the horse mouth, yes Nintendo wants the NX to be cheap.

From the latest shareholders meeting, here are Miyamotos words on his latest investigation in E3 VR tech.(no edits)

“I heard VR was a hot topic at E3, so I went to check it out. It was on display, but it wasn’t what I expected. We’re also researching VR, so we have the core technology. Long play sessions are an issue. We want to release something that can be played for long periods, carries value, and _is affordable_. We want parents to feel at ease.”

At first glance, it looks what he is saying is not out of the ordinary, after all Occulus and rift are really expensive and uncomfortable, except for one thing: He is also talking about Sony VR. Which is far less expensive (comfortable) and uses a PS4 This means he considers that setup as NOT AFFORDABLE.

“We have the core technology (for vr)”

Oh yes let me address this, because some people have taken that as the _irrefutable_ proof that NX will bring tears out of a PS4 or xbox, unfortunately no, in reality it just means they could do VR (if they wanted to) is not specific on what sort of VR, immersion VR like the one in Rift and Occulus, Sony VR which is a somewhat cheaper version (but not affordable to Nintendo) and of course theres Cardboard google vr and Samsung VR which can be pulled by mobile phones. Im just guessing that is the one he is talking about.

– Evidence 5 and final: Wait, the NX is a home CONSOLE right?

Here is the last and final piece of the puzzle, we are assuming if the NX is a console and its a newer one, then by pure logic it has to be more powerful than a Wii-U, that makes total sense. Except for one thing. _We dont know what the NX is_.

Nintendo has refer to the NX as a “entertainment device” (just so we dont assume is a phone) and thats pretty much it (some people have called a console but not on a press release)

So what about if the NX is not a home console at all? Kimishima said “is not the Wii-U or 3DS succesor but something completely new” (or something along those lines). In a recent interview when reggie was asked about the differences between Zelda Wii-U/NX he said :

>”(we will show off that later ahead) when we get more in depth on what the NX IS and what is its FINAL NAME”

Implying the NX name will likely reveal more about its nature. (so maybe the NX is not what we think it is?)

The thing is if the NX is NOT a home console (at least not in the traditional sense) then that need for being “more powerful than the prior” goes out the window. Which follows suit to the other evidence we have gathered, a cheap “affordable” console with an interesting gimmick to back it up.

So as you can see, the evidence points to one direction, Nintendo will try to mimic prior successes by creating a relatively cheap affordable console which relies in a new idea a idea that they have not revealed because:

>”Miyamoto: Normally we would’ve shown the #NX at #E3, but we didn’t. We’re worried about _imitators_ if we release info too early”

And he is right, take per example Zelda:BOTW that game is awesome and is genious but none of the mechanics in it cant be imitated by other games and get somewhat similar results. Im guessing the gimmick (whatever it is) is going to be something similar to that.

However as you can clearly see, none of this points toward the direction of the life dream of having a PS4 (neo) like console from Nintendo it just doesnt.

So as you can see, the evidence points to one direction, Nintendo will try to mimic prior successes by creating a relatively cheap affordable console which relies in a new gimmick that they have not revealed because “imitators might take the idea”. Not a large powerful console capable of taking on competing products in the market.

I rest my case.


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