What is The NX “eurogamer rumor” and why people think is true?

Q. What is The “eurogamer rumor” and why a lot of people think its pretty much true?

A. Ok so a few weeks ago, Eurogamer out of the blue, launched this article on their site.


So we thought “ok a new NX theory we get those everyday no big deal” well the thing is that article got “corroborated” by another source and then another and then another.

To date at least 5 different venues and their sources have corroborated that article So there is a very good chance the rumor is in fact correct.

Q. So what does this Corroborated thing mean? And why is it so important?

A. It means a different source (not eurogamer) someone else (maybe even from a different country) saw the article and said “yeah thats pretty much right” in some cases they even added more info, like in the case of MCV which added a comment on graphic quality. IGN, MCV, Kotaku have different sources (anonymous people who work in the industry or have info about it)

Why is this important? well imagine if a friend of yours said he saw a blue airplane passing by, then you started asking people around and they also say they saw an airplane too and even mentioned new details (speed, color, etc), at a certain point even without any official data (like flight number or airline), you could theorize a plane most probably passed by. Also this is not just random people they are reliable sources according to those sites.

Q.-So in short what does the “Eurogamer rumor” said?

A.-Short and sweet:

NX is some sort of a portable/hybrid with detachable controllers that uses cartridges. Also it has a docking station that can be connected to the tv and has its own wireless controllers. It uses a Nvidia Tegra chip, According to the MCV source the graphics quality is “something in between PS3 and PS4”.

Q.-Is the “rumor” completely spot on and 100% reliable?

A.-Just like the “plane passing by” analogy, not totally, the shape is clear, but details are fuzzy the unit these people supposedly saw could be a devkit not the final release version, which means some details could and will change.

Also regardless of “corroboration” it is an unofficial rumor so is not 100% certain.. although given the reputation of the sources I would say that chance of it being false is very small.. Imho would give this rumor a 80% 90% chance of being at least partially true.

Q.- So what part about the rumor is more likely to be true?

A.- IMO Portable, cartridges, detachable controllers, is hard to get those wrong, just by seeing it and maybe asking about it. Also the docking station, that would be hard to miss too. Everything else is up in the air.

Q. Who exactly are these sources any way?

A. So far :





-ArcadeGirl64 (Emily Rogers) *(She has been wrong and right in the past, but some people trust her opinion.)

Q.- Does this mean the NX will be underpowered compared to other consoles?

A.- Is hard to tell, the rumor says it uses a Nvidia tegra chip but it also mentions it could be a new X2 chip instead of the X1, since this chip is not in the market yet, no one knows exactly how powerful it really is. (The PS3 to PS4 comparation could also be referring only to a prototype or devkit unit) So no one really knows.

Q.- But wait, this rumor contradicts the AMD polaris theory that a lot of people were sure it was true, what then?

A.- Hmm.. is hard to tell, AMD AFAIK doesnt create portable chips, so if the NX is portable then AMD wouldnt be involved with it. There could be some other explanations, but IMHO it could be that the AMD chip a lot of people thought was going to be for NX is actually the AMD chip that is being used for Xbox one S and /or the one that is going to be used for Xbox one Scorpio (and maybe PS4 neo). OR it could be that AMD is creating portable chips now. Like I said the details are fuzzy.

Q.- I dont like this rumor, I dont want it to be true. What can I do?

A.- Well, not wanting something to be true, doesnt make it false, however like I said, we dont really know per certain a lot of things, we wont get all the details until we get an official confirmation. Besides from what the rumor said, the NX is going to be a whole new way to experience games, perhaps is too early to decide if its good or not.

In any case if the rumor is 100% true and the NX turns out to be something you don’t like in particular, you could “vote with your wallet” by simply not buying it.

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