Can we address the Switch Tablet elephant in the room?

The switch is OK by Nintendo console standards, but… can we talk in my office for a second please? thank you.

Ok look guys, here is the deal, Nintendo just released for all intents and purposes what is _a tablet_ cleverly disguised as a Wii-U/3ds, and I think I finally understand what Miyamoto meant when he said is “easy to imitate” or something along those lines.

You see when Miyamoto said “it would be imitated” he didnt meant Xbox or PS4 could imitate, he was referring to TABLET manufacturers (Including Apple) the switch is easy to imitate, because is basically _a tablet with controls_.

Actually even Jeff mentioned it in the show this week: _”Apple could have done this before, and they didn’t”_. Good point, But the thing is EXACTLY what is preventing Apple (or any company) from doing this IN THE FUTURE now they know the concept is successful? <cue dramatic music>

Sure it has been tried before, unsuccessfully, but what Nintendo just did is to reveal a wide tapestry of knowledge on what to do, and what NOT to do, to make this concept work. And then _they shot themselves in the foot_ by adding an unneeded expensive peripheral.

Nobody asked and nobody wanted motion control or expensive HD feedback in the controllers, but Nintendo being Nintendo had to add a expensive gimmick just to be “innovative”.


Problem is everything that any company trying to imitate this model has to do now, is _to release their own Switch tablet without the motion controls_, not only this prevents them from directly violating the trademark, It makes the system dramatically less expensive from the get go.

So, basically if anyone (apple too) does that, what do we get? A tablet with better graphics, better CPU, literally a ton of more games to play (most of them free), much better battery life, and, eventually, a better price. (specially considering price/ value since a tablet can be used for more things than gaming only)

Meanwhile Switch has Nintendo originals.. and a gimmick control that eventually no game will use (since it drains the controller battery), that’s it. (yeah but zelda)

I believe this is why Nintendo stocks dropped after the presentation and after the first introduction of the switch, business analysts are better to spot _details_ like this one, much faster than any of us .

Nintendo just started a race (a hybrid race) and then _shot themselves_ in the foot. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but Nintendo is bound to lose this one, big time.

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